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what is mindfulness

“Death Knocked At My Door”

I’ve decided to meet death formally every day for a year, not in a morbid sense but as a part of my spiritual practice. Death, if we witness it, allows us to live more fully. It can bring clarity to our aims…

the divine connection

“Mother Ayahuasca”

It’s hard to unpack and conceptualize the lessons learned and insights gained from this experience. But my hope in this article is to share those golden nuggets of wisdom, those insights and lessons….

About John

Hey. My name is John Driggs. I live on a quiet mountain property with my remarkable family – my partner River and our four kids.

Our property and our home is a sanctuary and a place of growth – a place where people can come to feel safe and loved, a place where teachers and artists can come together to share their wisdom and beauty, where they can host retreats, workshops, and other experiences that soften our hearts and expand our minds.

I’m looking forward to sharing my unbounded love and tender heart with each of you.