The Divine Connection

– Divinity Meditation –

You don’t need to search far and wide for the Divine connection. There’s no need to munch on magic mushrooms, gulp down ayahuasca, fast for forty days, or sit a three-month retreat to witness it. Sure, these things can help open you to it, they can help remind you of it. But the truth is, it’s always with you. Divinity actually can’t move anywhere or change at all – it’s that without beginning or end, it’s the unmade and unformed, the unborn and undying.

The problem, though, is that we too often lose sight of this because awareness gets lost in thought, which fractures the world into subject and objects, and so we forget entirely that these concepts have been cast over our bare, ever-changing, seamless experience.

To get a better picture of what I mean here, just take a look at the room with a wide, open gaze. Now, as you sit here, consider how many different thoughts you can have about the space around you. Various objects will arise and pass away as different thoughts flow through you. You can even take one object in the room and, with thought, break it into more pieces.

Behind your thoughts, though, there is simply experience, or existence; there’s just It – whatever It ineffably is.

Try it out for yourself, but I think you’ll find it tremendously beneficial to notice this fracturing – to pay attention to how you are slicing up the Whole and relating the pieces to one another without losing sight of the Whole.

As all who have traveled the spiritual path know, and as the core tenets of all the world’s religions demonstrate, the spiritual life can begin only after you have oriented yourself towards the Divine – to God, the Cosmos, the Eternal, Awareness, Universal Consciousness, or whatever else you wanna call that which encompasses all things.

Seek it out for yourself, of course, out of your own genuine interest, but once you recognize this greater whole to which you and everything else is a part of, I think you’ll discover within yourself the Cosmos’ only true purpose: Love – from which beauty, goodness, harmony, and justice unfold.

Moving forward, then, more and more Love will guide your every step. It will be the motivation for all your thoughts, words, and actions. You will become a student of Life, and be filled with a deep reverence for all beings.

Because we carry old habit energies, though, we can’t simply reorient ourselves to God overnight. That’s why we commit ourselves to a practice  (to an insight meditation practice and a metta meditation practice). And we do so with a smile on our face and warmth in our heart. We practice because it’s what feels right. It’s what we want. It’s what we must do.

Once you are able to recognize and hold more consistently the divinity in you – the all-encompassing whole, that without beginning or end, the unborn and unformed – watch your thoughts and actions become more harmonious. Watch your thoughts be replaced more and more by warm, practical, and creative thoughts, by those thoughts that are aligned with eternal Love.

See and feel – know – directly and intimately the love that both surrounds you and fills you. Know the Love that is you.

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the divine connection